Pickup option is suspended until further notice.

You may or may not have known about our Pick-up option, which essentially allows orders to be picked up in person, same or next-day, therefore - no shipping or handling fee. This option caters particularly to my local customers in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, where I live.

Recently many non-local customers have chosen this option by accident, especially while using Apple Pay that automatically picks the cheapest shipping option. For this reason, we took Pick-up out of our list of shipping choices. We apologize again and really appreciate your patience if you've encountered this problem.

So now, our local customers, to place a Pick-up order, please enter code "PICKUPTX" at the promo code, and there won't be any charge for S&H. You'll soon receive a follow-up email from us with time & location details, normally will be in Santa Ana, or Irvine depending on our partners' schedules.

None of our pickup locations is a TX showroom, so you'll only come for what you've ordered prior. We won't have extra films, or different weight of springs, or any other that we weren't asked to prepare. 

If we've met, hi again and it was very nice chatting with you! We might or might not remember you, but we've never had any unpleasant experience. So thanks again for your purchases and see you next time for your Pick-up!

Best wishes