What's a Group Buy?

What is a Group Buy?

Group-Buy (GB) is a collective process where, during a set time period, money is raised to produce a made-to-order product (including keycaps, keyboards, and the corresponding desk mats) that is unique, exciting, and specifically dedicated to the members of the mechanical keyboard community. In short, by joining a GB, you understand that you're paying for a product that will be delivered at a later time in the future.

Prior placing an order with the manufactures, a required minimum order quantities (MOQ) must be met.

If MOQ is reached before or by the last day of GB, the run is a success. Payment will be promptly submitted to the manufacture, and the GB product is officially in-queue for production.

If the required MOQ is not met before or by the end date, all orders will be cancelled and everyone will receive 100% refund.  

What is the average timeline of a GB?

The lead time for each GB varies depends on the type of product, the manufacturer and on any unforeseeable delays. The details and tentative timeline of each GB are in the product page. This following table summarizes the typical time for each process. Please kindly note that the timeline can be improved significantly post-COVID.


Estimated processing time

GB launch

1 month

Pay invoice & Submit order

2-4 weeks

In-queue for Production

3-6 months

Color Matching

1-3 months

Making the Product

1-3 months

Ship to Vendors

3-6 weeks

Deliver to Customers

2 weeks

Total Turnaround Time

6-12 months


Where can I find the updates on (certain) GB?

GB Status Page: www.us.txkeyboards.com/pages/group-buy-status

Updates & News: www.us.txkeyboards.com/blogs/news

How can I edit my orders?

While the GB opens, if you want to modify an item in your order, please contact our team at support@us.txkeyboards.com with your order number and the changes you'd like to make.

Running a GB is often a collaborative project involving multiple vendors of different world regions. After submitting the GB to the manufactures, any changes in order quantity of one region will always affect the turnover and delay shipping to all others. As a courtesy to each other, we will strictly close the book and will not allow any changes or cancellations after the GB has closed

Cancellations, Refunds, Returns, & Exchanges

  • While the GB opens, you can always submit a request for cancellation, no question ask but there will be 3% cancellation fee for US orders and 4.5% for international orders.
  • After the GB closes, we are required to forward the payment and officially submitting the order to the manufacture. As a result, we cannot allow cancellations or refunds after the GB has closed.
  • Due to the made-to-order nature of this GB, no returns or exchanges of the items are accepted. If you believe that you have received a defective item, you must notify us within 7 days upon receipt.


We appreciate your understanding in this matter.